Fertile forces
Dakar (Senegal)

There is a continuity in dimension in the sculptures of Paul Ahyi. There is in the same way a diversity of materials, Stone, White Concrete, Wood, Metal, even ceramics are in many ways true sculptures. The artist however has a great preoccupation with the structural stability of his works, consequently the Biggest sculptures are essentially made out of reinforced Concrete and the proportions are calculated to this end. Paul Ahyi's sculptures as his graphic works speak about Human Beings, Africans, Africa and its Cultures. Opposite, “Fertile Forces” belongs to large-sized Works, imposing by their massive presence.

Dove of Peace
Massive Wood Sculpture
The African gods set a Meeting
in this Place; Cultures too

I.D.E.E. Ouidah (Bénin)
We have here an example of smaller sculptures. The wood is worked with the chisels, the surface is polished and then burned with a blowtorch to enhance details. This gives tone going from brown to the black. The natural color of the wood acts then as a background for the art work.