Exhibtion from March 7th to May 1st 2020, open everyday from 10AM to 6PM at Villa Seguro in Agbodrafo near Lome.

Created by renown journalist Sophie Ekoué, Villa Seguro is an artist residence seated in Agbodrafo a suburb of Lome in Togo. The residence is open since summer 2019 and is regularly housing young talents.

*Artist Bernard Akouete exhibits his work at the Insttut Goethe in Lome

Agnassan (Knowledge) Centre
Built by Paul and Charlotte Ahyi, will among others be the shelter for Paul Ahyi's Art works, and foster the development of the Arts in Togo as well as cross cultural fertilization between artists.
Togo Mon Coeur Saigne
In a captivating and virulent poetry book (in french), Paul Ahyi relives the hopes of the independance fighters, he denounces political violences that happened since and urges us to go beyond our differences.

Get your copy of Togo Mon Coeur Saigne for $12 plus shipping.
The proceeds will go toward the completion of the Agnassan Museum Space that will host Paul Ahyi's and other African Artists work.
or send a message to the artist.
Updated 03/08/20