In this poetry book, Paul Ahyi revisits poems he wrote at different moments in his life. The featured poems talk about he fight for independance, the pain and revolt in face of political violence and injustice. He urges us to overcome our differences for a better future.

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The proceeds will go toward the completion of the Agnassan Museum Space that will host Paul Ahyi's and other African Artists work.
This catalog has been edited for the April 2007 exhibition organized by Pierre Amrouche at the Berggruen Space in Paris. It contains the description of around fourty Art work. The accent in that exhibition was mainly on Wood sculptures however some ceramics, Zota and metal sculpture are also featured.
Among his limited editions books , there are books where Paul Ahyi has compiled his sketches,and photographs he collected here and there on particular subjects that attracted his attention. These books have very few words, but are full of picture. Among the titles published we have:
- Le geste createur (act of creation) part I and II

- Le Dessin (The Sketch)

- La Coiffure Africaine (African Hair Do) part I and II.
Paul Ahyi has published articles in many journals such as the cahiers de l'UNESCO, Sentier (Paris), Entente, but for the english speaker, the american 'Topic' magazine (USIA) has also published a number of articles about Paul Ahyi.